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Konami-JS has been used far and wide for over a decade. Here are some stand-out usages.

Hall of Fame

Reddit Enhancement Suite

A community-driven, unofficial browser extension for the Reddit community.


HuffPost used Konami JS to swap all of the current photos on the page out with photos of people's pets. Seems to be gone as of last viewing, which is too bad. Definitely improved the UX.

Tesla Motors

Tesla used Konami JS to unlock some kind of "bonus view" for their users in their design studio, circa 2012. Fortunately, never forgets!


Used Konami JS to update all of the content on the current page with headlines and articles about zombie attacks.


Marvel used Konami JS to reveal a Deadpool weasel, the remnants of which you can see at (

Honorable Mentions

...and MANY more!

If you'd like to add yours to the list, you can find the edit link at the bottom of this page.